However, it is important that a third party is a witness and that an agreement, such as . B an AST, to be signed to provide a level of security for both the landlord and the tenant. A party may refuse to sign the agreement; were forced to sign the treaty or that the signatures were falsified. But some other situations make it particularly desirable to have a witness. One of them is when the owner rents at a different price than the market value. This usually occurs when the client is a relative or close friend. If the lease lasts longer than 12 months, it would be imperative to register it in front of the under-registration office. The witnesses who confirmed that in the event of litigation in this case, this act would be of greater value in the future. Let the notary`s stamp (or ceremonial seal) cancel the lease by adding your own signature to the document. The act of stamping (or sealing) by a notary is a legal, official witness to a lease agreement. (Note that it is generally not necessary for a lease to be authenticated by a notary.) 1) it is mandatory to obtain an agreement in the “under-registration office” A.

The sole purpose of signing a contract, which is attested, is to enable the witness to provide appropriate evidence in the event of a dispute over whether or not a person signed the contract. Most of these laws are not provided for witnesses, although they are admissible. Having witnesses to a lease is a double-edged sword. You should keep in mind that if there is a dispute over the circumstances in which a lease is signed, a witness you choose, you will end up supporting a version of facts that do not correspond to your own position. However, as an additional level of protection, many individuals and businesses prefer a witness to a lease. There are two ways to see a lease. There are a large number of leases that are authorized by law, with the most common contracts being residences and commercial contracts. Across the country, lease laws are generally uniform. Most of these laws are not provided for witnesses, although they are admissible.