When it comes to drafting the shareholder contract for a real estate enterprise agreement, the issues of money and control remain the most important. Details of land registry registration, planning issues, etc., will probably also be included, but should play a minor role in protecting your interests. Transactions between the joint venture and its shareholders or anyone connected to it. Are there any circumstances in which either party can apply for the termination of the joint venture? z.B.: If you have a majority interest, you may be able to ensure that the company`s business and assets are sold as a current business, so that the proceeds of the sale are distributed by dividends or return on investment in a subsequent liquidation between shareholders. Should there be restrictive agreements on what each shareholder can do and what the joint venture can do? Among the benefits of a structured joint venture through a company is: Even if you never have a shareholder pact at the end, it is important to answer these questions. Only then can you be useful in more detailed questions. And the more you understand each other about these more important issues, the better you will be able to manage change. It is impossible to deal with all possible contingencies in advance. People change.

Businesses are changing. The economy is changing! Things happen. Who should be entitled to the shares and how can they be allocated? Should there be different categories of actions and what rights should be attached to each of them? Decisions may depend on what each party contributes to or will contribute to the success of the joint venture; and what they are waiting for to get out of the joint venture. It is even more difficult to estimate legal fees when the trial has to get all the other shareholders to fix everything. Should certain minority shareholders or groups of shareholders (or, if applicable, their appointed directors) have a veto over certain substantive decisions? Or should a certain decision by a majority of shareholders be necessary to approve certain decisions? (z.B. 75%? Much depends on how the participations actually exist between the different entries). Detail is important. Since the parts of a company have probably been discussing the finest point together for some time, writing this detail is often overlooked – with disastrous consequences.