The measures have put an end to shockwaves not only in the United States, but also in Canada, even among those who do not work in the immigration field, said Janet Dench, executive director of the Canadian Refugee Council, one of the groups challenging the agreement in court. Supporters have argued that the Trump administration`s actions mean that the United States is no longer a safe haven for asylum seekers. McDonald rescinded the agreement, but suspended that statement for six months to allow Parliament to respond. “It didn`t look safe or like something I wanted to impose,” she says. “A safe place is when people say and feel they are safe. It is not a safe place because it is written on a sheet of paper. The federal government says it supports its designation of the United States as a safe third country, despite domestic and international demands to suspend a border pact with Washington following controversial changes to asylum policy implemented by the Trump administration. Ottawa supports the United States as a safe third country, despite a new border policy #cdnpoli Read more: The legal challenge to the agreement was filed: after a Salvadoran woman attempted to enter Canada at an official border crossing to seek asylum, arguing that she had been brutally targeted by gangs. She was told that she was inadmissible because of the agreement on the security of third-country nationals. “The United States is not safe… No help, no shelter, nothing.

You can stay on the street because you have nothing if you are a refugee. You come from your country for a problem, you have no money,” she says, sometimes wiping away tears. Justice Ann Marie McDonald said the agreement that prevents people from entering either Canada or the United States in the official Canada-U.S. Border crossings and refugee claims are contrary to the Charter section that guarantees “the right to life, liberty and security of the person.” Protesters held up signs reading “The United States is not safe” and “All laws protecting refugees,” temporarily chanting “Suspend the agreement” and other slogans. The government also argued that a downgrade of the agreement would result in an increase in applications and jeopardize the entire refugee system. “In the face of a pandemic, the situation is even more precarious for those who need to take shelter and Canada has not hesitated to go back,” she said. “If Canada sends people back to persecution, it is against the UN Refugee Convention. When Canada sends people to a country, it knows that it is sending back human beings for persecution, it is also violating its international obligations,” said @UTLaw Audrey Macklin #cdnpoli “Invoking this verdict, invoking this verdict, Federal Liberals say: “They would rather have people seeking asylum here in Canada suffer from Donald Trump`s rules than defend human rights and Canadian values,” she wrote in a statement Friday afternoon.