Signing an agreement at this stage carries serious risks that you need to know about. The cornerstone of the overall response to COVID-19 is social distas. Nowhere is the impact of social renunciation more evident than in the halls of the industry. Activity in all its forms is or is closing, and economic activity is largely at a standstill. One of the many aspects of this problem is that the industry`s contractual obligations persist, even during this period of unprecedented economic derailment. Commercial leases are no exception. If you stay in your rent for the first time, your landlord may ask you to accept a repayment plan. This may be before or after notification with the N4. Repayment agreements at this stage may contain a term that your landlord may receive an order to expel the LTB without giving you a notification or hearing if you miss a payment. Landlords should discuss individual situations with tenants, including programs proposed by other levels of government, and, if possible, be flexible when making specific arrangements for rent payments during these difficult times. Landlords who have difficulty paying for their expenses due to declining rental income or COVID-19 costs may be eligible for business and homeowner assistance programs. For more information on the content of this update, please contact one of the authors. If you are a party or a representative, if you have not provided your email address to LTB or if your email address has changed, please provide the appropriate information to LTB as soon as possible.

The provinces and territories are constantly working to address this issue. Many people have already announced measures to suspend evictions in their respective regions. The table below presents the latest updates on mandatory moratoriums related to COVID-19. Please note that this table will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. Click here to see what the LTB payment form looks like and what you need to keep in mind. You don`t need to use the LTB form. If you are considering signing a refund contract, you and your landlord can use this form instead. Commercial leases in Ontario are subject to the Commercial Tenancies Act (“ONCTA”). Section 18 of the ONCTA provides that a commercial landlord can be reimbursed 15 days after the tenant does not pay the rent and (ii) that he is able to repair the loss in the meantime, a landlord subject to the tenancy. The important thing is that withdrawal for non-payment of rent does not require judicial sanction.

However, it is always wise to bring such an action by way of a court order. All other disputes are resolved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (“NSOC”) and not by the LTB. In the absence of a tenancy rule allowing a landlord to withdraw in the event of a particular event, it currently appears that landlords cannot receive judicial sanction for evicting commercial tenants, unless such eviction is covered by one of the exceptions mentioned above. In any event, it makes an extreme sense to obtain a court order before proceeding with deportation proceedings. If you have money problems because of the COVID-19 emergency, this could help to talk to your landlord about it. But you don`t need to sign an agreement if you don`t think it`s reasonable or if you`re not sure you can make all the payments.