In 1992, the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill was established by TAOC and launched a card signing campaign to be certified by the CSN (a major union federation in Quebec). In 1993, the campaign was successful and AGSEM began negotiating its first collective agreement as a certified union. RSVP here:…/agsem-general-assembly-union-electio… Congratulations on the adoption of your second collective agreement. Thank you to everyone who attended the Special Assembly on November 20th. More information about workday can be found on our website: If you become TA, you also become a member of the Teacher Support Union AGSEM (Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill). They are part of Unit 1, the tariff unit for ATTs (unit 2 is for invigilators and has a separate collective agreement). This means that as soon as you become TA, you will also assume the rights and duties of a trade union member, including: For more information on eligibility and association with AGSEM, see TA Negotiations Chair Jessica Rose and elected negotiating committee members Jean-Philip Mathieu and Farid Attar have been in negotiations with McGill University since the last CA TA expired in June 2018. During the presentation of the interim treaty, the negotiating committee informed members of the various sections of the Agreement, including freedom, including labour violence, harassment and sexual violence, retroactive compensation, trade union rights and labour procedures. If you haven`t received a paycheck for a TAship in the fall of 2020 and AGSEM hasn`t contacted… stretch! More info here:…/agsem-newsletter-october-november-20… Contact your service delegates or contact us ( and we will support you! We can come to the meeting, we can give you an overview of your rights, otherwise we can only support you throughout the process.

solidarity! With 89.91 per cent of the union vote, the ratified agreement is now tabled by McGill`s bargaining committee on the McGill Board of Governors. As soon as both parties sign the contract, AGSEM will inform current and former union members of any changes they may change.